Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Praises Go Up Blessings Come Down !

I would like to give God glory,honor,and praises for his goodness,mercy and blessings. Our church family have been going through some trials and tribulations but we have not given up. We pressed forward and moved on with prayer and faith in God. This is a small church with a big heart in need of a pastor. Our congregation has continued to be blessed with the word of God every Sunday. Our prayer is that God will bless us with a God fearing,spirit filled pastor with a supportive family. We need a pastor that is concerned with reaching out to the community,congregation,saving souls and promoting spiritual and physical growth in our church. We know that God will answer our prayers for a pastor because God will not allow his faithful sheep to be abandon without a shepherd for too long.God has answered one of our prayers and blessed us with a fellowship hall. We have been praying,fasting and putting forth the work needed because faith without work is dead. There were some that said no but this week God said yes! Pleasant Rock continue to be encouraged and keep the faith because when praises go up blessings come down. Praise God! kjl

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